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That limited edition piece was the Ball for BMW Thermometer watch - with Ball's special mechanical thermometer in the piece. While that watch is not again covered in this article, this post has the full set of non-limited edition Ball for BMW timepieces. You'll see that they are spread in to "Classic, GMT, Chronograph, and Power Reserve" model families.

In addition to lower priced quartz models, many of Fortis' best mechanical watches in their aviator (and otherwise) collections are offered. Chronograph models with already busy dials might be hard to private label, but that doesn't mean you can't opt for special colors and caseback engravings. I think that this is a really good idea for any group or event that wants to produce a meaningful item for their members. The type of item that is more than a cheap giveaway and represents something people would actually like to wear. If you are interested in Fortis private label services then you can contact the Gevril Group.

Cartier Santos 100 Ref. W2020009 Watch Review

Cartier Santos 100 Ref. W2020009 Watch Review

Bezel lug: Black composite resin

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To Enter You Must:

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Talking With Patek Philippe President At Their New LA Boutique

Talking With Patek Philippe President At Their New LA Boutique

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The legacy of Gerald Genta lives on now with even more Bulgari-ness. The original Gerald Genta Octo was a fascinating timepiece with a range of complicated movements. The "Octo" name referred to the eight-sided case, and unfortunately there are no tentacles related to this product. While certainly unique, I have to say that the Octo looks quite nice on the wrist. Bulgari continues with the now iconic case with a new watch simply called the Octo.

People would get their first watch usually as a gift from their parents or relatives – more than likely when they were a kid. It would be something basic and cheap, and something they would inevitably break or grow out of. Then it was time for their next watch. The need for a watch and the importance of owning one was implanted in people at a young age in that world. Thenceforth people were watch wearers for life - most of the time. This was the status quo and all watch makers knew it. While luxury watches were just that, you knew that the entire population was going to need your product.

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At first I didn’t like the look of the watch even though I liked the functionality. Then I started to play with the Pilot Doublematic and I put it on my wrist… at that point I was hooked. So many functions that are actually useful, great in-house made movement. And a price that feels appropriate.

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The Vintage BR pieces have mostly polished cases with polished indicators and hands on the dial. In contrast, the Vintage BR Original models are more military themed with brushed cases and bracelets. Models like this Vintage BR 126 Sport have a bracelet with a polished middle link. The bracelet itself is very well engineered. It is hard to explain, but when you get your hands on it you'll see how it isn't like most other three-link steel bracelets. Over the dial is a sapphire crystal made to look like an old acrylic one. AR coating on the crystal is done well giving the dial a wide viewing range at angles. The case is water resistant to 100 meters.

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Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Let's be honest, Rolex watches are one of the society's symbol of success around the world.  If you want people to know you've made it, then get a Rolex. And, this message is universal, it hardly matters where you are on the globe.

The i-Gucci Sport has a surprisingly rich feature set. What I can say overall is that the piece makes for an excellent traveler's watch. Let's go over its basic features. The default screen has two time zones and the date. You can swap out the date for a seconds display. You also have the reference city of your current time and a local time below. If you really want, you can also opt for a "digital analog" display that has two digital hands for the hours and minutes. There will always be two time zones on the dial when looking at the default screen - so get used to it.

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Mastercard Paypass uses a technology called EMV which is the result of a collaboration between Europay, Mastercard and Visa. This contactless payment system is not NFC (Near Field Communication) based but rather relies on its own platform. The watch-borne side of the equation is a small chip that is powered passively by the vendor's reader and then communicates via RFID in a similar manner to credit cards that have the modern "chip and pin" system. Unfortunately, the Watch2pay relies on a connection to a Mastercard prepaid account and not a traditional credit account. Not only will this account need to be pre-loaded with funds, but the Watch2pay can only authorize payments of up to . Larger purchases or scenarios where a Paypass terminal is not available will need to be done with the included traditional Mastercard Prepaid card. The upside is that you can use the watch as a sort of pre-paid gift card gift.

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The Tide Temp Compass looks expectedly outdoorsy. The adventure watch blends vintage and modern styling into a functional and aesthetically pleasing design. While this 45mm tool watch certainly doesn't hide what it's going for, it also doesn't broadcast it to the point where you are unable to accessorize with anything other than a survival knife or paracord. This watch could easily be worn to the office but I'd leave it at home if a tie is involved.

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