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Some might say that Casio is waiting for the smartwatch market to become more established and for more universally adopted operating systems. That may be so, but Japanese electronics companies have at least historically had no fear about experimenting with new products in the market and attempting to discover new technologies that resonate with consumers. Just think about all the weird Seiko, Citizen, and Casio watches over the years that probably should not have been made – but nevertheless were. I'd like to know who was actually using all those Casio "Databank" watches with their primitive electronic address books and that model that came with a basic TV remote whose only useful function it seemed was to annoy large 1980s classroom teachers when they rolled in the TV stand to show a video.

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This strap is only available in 20mm, and is sized in 136/70mm. This means the longer end is 136mm long, while the buckle side is 70mm. In contrast to the Yin, this is a slightly thicker piece of leather. Like the Da Luca Straps Yin, it has an unfinished back which, again, helps the comfort against the skin. This is a slightly thicker strap than what we saw on the Da Luca Straps Yin, but it was still decently pliable. This is the sort of strap that will break in over time, and end up with a perfect fit to your wrist. I have a feeling it may look better over time as it picks up some patina, and gives some high and low lights to the embossed pattern.

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George G. from Massachusetts, USA, asks:

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A leader in avant-garde luxury and horology, Geneva-based Urwerk has always been at the forefront of melding technology and design with a unique ability to create meaningful interactions between a luxury watch and its wearer. In the past, the Urwerk EMC watch allowed users to immediately know the current accuracy of their mechanical wrist watch and then adjust it on the fly. The Urwerk UR-210 timepiece included the world's first mechanical activity tracker designed to tell you that more motion was needed to keep the spring-based mechanical movement wound. Looking into the future, Urwerk founders Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner examined their own personal journey and the trajectory of their products to determine that the only possible outcome for them was to create an intelligent system, steeped in the concept of time, obsessed with interaction, capable of making a meaningful impact on the life of the wearer.

This watch represents a classic case of two great stories colliding. Not only does the watch tell a cool story – but its was originally meant to be used in the outdoors – specifically to measure the tides of the ocean. I love the outdoors, especially the ocean – so I find this watch to be really interesting.

The Fiona Krüger Celebration Skull also marks the first time a Fiona Krüger watch has had any luminant on it. Here, she took the opportunity to use white Superluminova, which gives you the ghostly outlines, with an almost neon sign-like look to it. I have to say I rather like the usage of it, and I am torn as to whether or not the hands would have been well-served by having some lume as well.

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Last week, for the first time, I chewed the fat with seasoned watchmaker Michael (Mickey) Nolan as he whipped apart a Rolex Submariner 3135 movement. Despite blogging about watches for a year now, this was my first time inside one. As well as hoping to get to grips with how it all works, I was keen to explore a professional’s thoughts on a bread-and-butter Rolex and to find out how he feels it holds up alongside its rivals.

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This HYT H4 Gotham uses red-colored liquid in the specially developed tube and bellows system to indicate the hours. A more traditional hand on the dial indicates the minutes, while it is flanked on either side with a subsidiary seconds dial to the left and a power reserve indicator to the right. Not that the H1 watch's movement wasn't at all skeletonized, but the HYT H4's movement steps it up a notch with a sapphire crystal plate serving as much of the dial over some movement bridges.

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No matter what you do when you come to Austin, you will leave understanding our motto of “Keep Austin Weird.”

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Necessary Data
>Brand: F.P. Journe
>Model: Chronometre Souverain
>Price: ,000 (as tested)
>Size: 40mm
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: I'd really want someone to discover the brand for themselves rather than me recommend it to them, but if I needed to, it would be someone frustrated with the smoke and mirrors marketing of the luxury watch world looking for an approachable brand that seems to make a lot of sense.
>Best characteristic of watch: Extremely well considered timepiece with beautiful elements from all angles and a lot of lasting power.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Design is the right amount of quirky for me, but not everyone will love it - which is perhaps a good thing. It is easy to wish it was more accessibly-priced.

My First Grail Watch: Carlos Rosillo

My First Grail Watch: Carlos Rosillo

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The new Rolex Day-Date 40 comes with an updated "President bracelet" design. The updates concern the integration of the bracelet to the case which has come to a point where it appears as though the bracelet and the case have been machined from the same block of metal. More importantly, Rolex now uses ceramic inserts to hold the links together, a notable development, as the use of ceramic will prevent the so-called "stretch" of the bracelet that can be seen on older Rolex bracelets which have been put through decades of wear. What might happen is that the metal inserts traditionally used get worn, making the links sit further apart from one another – because chances are that most of these watches will be worn for decades to come, and it is over time that the stretching of the bracelet becomes more noticeable, these ceramic inserts, Rolex says, will perform better at keeping the links of the bracelet as tight as they were when new. Furthermore, on the platinum bracelet, Rolex noted that the movement of the links could get somewhat limited because of the nature of the metal - but that is also said to be a thing of the past, thanks to the extremely hard surfaces of the ceramic inserts.

The case for both versions is 43 millimeter wide and 16 mm thick, in polished steel, with a DLC-treated "case barrel" that we are used to seeing on the sides of Bremont cases. Beyond all the Jaguar-inspired design elements – and the vintage Jaguar logo on the dial – another subtle detail that takes the automotive theme a step further is the tyre-tread pattern etched into the substantially sized crown. We have said this before, and it is properly demonstrated here again: such minor, bespoke components can add a lot to a thematic design and are in fact something that one rightfully expects – but scarcely experiences – at this price point.

The Voutilainen GMR more-or-less takes the Voutilainen GMT-6 (hands-on here) and adds a power reserve indicator while changing up the GMT indicator a bit. What makes the Voutilainen GMR so useful is that it both allows the wearer to know when to wind the watch, as well as offering a second time zone via the GMT hand. The hands of each are hand-made and here colored red (which is part of that slightly sporty look in the watch that I referenced above).

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Having compared it to two in-house alternatives, let's now see what else is out there that you may want to consider before pulling the trigger on the new Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Staying for a moment longer within the realms of Rolex, we bring you the Tudor Style (of which a full review is coming up the day after this has been published). Available in 38mm and 41mm sizes, the Tudor Style watches on the leather straps as seen here have a retail price of ,200 or ,325, while the same watches on steel bracelets are ,300 and ,425, respectively. That is about ,400 less than the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. What you lose out on here – beyond the Rolex name, of course – is a manufacture Rolex movement, as the Tudor comes with a 2824 caliber. The 2824 runs at a modern 4Hz frequency, offers a date indication at 3, as well as a less contemporary 38 hours of power reserve – almost half a day less than that of the Rolex. Also, on some Tudor Style models, the particular materials and finishes have some serious legibility issues, meaning that they end up being much harder to read that the Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

The IWC Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month does away with the tourbillon and the moon phase indication, using the generous dial real estate to feature a "digital" date, month, and leap year indication for its perpetual calendar, pairing that impressive (and extremely rarely seen) combination of complications with a chronograph. Because of this selection of complications, the case, although still 46 millimeter wide, now is 17 mm thick, as the 89802 movement requires considerably more space.

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As I talked about when we first announced these 2015 ref. 116655 and 268655 Rolex Yacht-Master Everose and ceramic watches, it seems as though Rolex is both listening to its core enthusiast demographic and also respecting the heritage that makes Rolex... well, Rolex. That is a tough job and really what Rolex tries to do with care and attention each year. I think a lot of people are going to like this new black and gold Rolex Yacht-Master with its chic sporty look and novel strap. Let's hope that some of its features and style continue to trickle down to more Rolex timepieces in the future. The Rolex 268655 Yacht-Master is priced at 21,000 Swiss Francs and the Rolex 116655 Yacht-Master is priced at 23,800 Swiss Francs.

I can see how some people might not be totally into the design of this watch, but in my opinion, Chopard once again combined a fun racing theme with a refined style that one could feasible wear on a daily basis. The case is 43mm wide for the Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control and the Automatic, while the Chronograph will be 44mm wide. We finally have 100 meters of water resistance as well. The rubber strap looks to be a bit new and, in the spirit of the Chopard Mille Miglia collection, has the texture of 1960s era Dunlop tires. Price for the Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control watch in stainless steel on a rubber strap (Reference 168566-3001) is ,640, in steel on steel bracelet (Ref. 158566-3001) is ,250, while in 18k rose gold on rubber strap (Ref. 161296-5001) is ,390.

All About The 18k Gold Apple Watch Edition

All About The 18k Gold Apple Watch Edition

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Buying Watches In Aspen, Colorado: Meridian Jewelers Watch Stores ABTW: What is Aspen best known for? What do visitors have to do, see, or eat while there?

What people really want to know is what MMT is and what it offers. The initial Horological Smartwatch products share a lot in common with other minimalist smartwatch platforms with mostly, or all-analog dials. Withings watches will come to mind for most people. MMT watches will have no digital screens and no charging ports. For most people seeing them, they will look identical to traditional analog timepieces.

Speaking of micro gas tubes, Ball is probably the high-end watch brand most famous for using them. In fact, the use of these tubes has become synonymous with the brand. But micro gas tubes aside, Ball is also well known for making solid and affordable timepieces. And this month we review one of their newest limited edition pieces - the Fireman Night Train SG50, a special watch created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Singapore’s independence.

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The full functionality of the calibre F900 according to Citizen is: "Eco-Drive, Accuracy of ± 5 seconds per month, Satellite Timekeeping System (Reception Area: Worldwide), Global Positioning System, World Time in 40 Cities, Dual Time Display Function, Chronograph of 1/20-second measurement for 24 hours, Light-Level Indicator and Power Reserve Indicator, Perpetual Calendars." You can see that in addition to the two new subdials on the dial of the Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F900 watch, versus the F100, there are a host of new functions which are lead by the ability to persistently see two time zones on the dial at all times - clearly, an important use of a travel watch.