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Maybe the popularity of desk-diving watch lovers are to blame for a crowded market for dive watches. As a result, some of the most famous and popular watches in existence today are dive watches, e.g., Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster, and that market also includes lots of bargain as well, e.g., Seiko Orange Monster, and some clearly overpriced watches like the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Diver or the Hublot Oceanographic.

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This 38mm dress watch is 10mm thick with a lug to lug length of just 44mm. These proportions, along with the 50g weight (on the included leather strap) make the Intra-matic a very comfortable and exceedingly wrist-friendly option for those with smaller or thinner wrists. If you have a large wrist or prefer the presence of a larger watch, stop by a Hamilton retailer and try both on for size, you may be surprised by which model you prefer.

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So my bronze Zhuke is starting to look like some type of vintage instrument. In a strange way it is cool, but I can't seem to pinpoint why. The patina doesn't quite look "dirty" and as I run my finger over the case it still feels smooth and pleasant. I could get behind this bronze thing - but certainly only for a select number of watches in my collection. The bronze appeal is real, and perhaps each person whose collection of divers is large enough might want to strongly consider something like the Longio Zhuke.

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Inside the HM3 MegaWind is the same Girard-Perregaux based automatic movement with the obvious modifications for the new hour and minute cones and lack of date indicator. The case is the same size and still seems to fit well and comfortably despite the unique cones that always seem to be looking at you. At launch, MB&F will offer the HM3 MegaWind in either 18k white gold or 18k red gold. The back plate of the case is once again in titanium.

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On the rear of the case is an engraving of the ETNZ team logo and a mark that the watch is to help celebrate the 34th anniversary of the games. Omega has been an American's Cup team sponsor since the mid 1990s. How do the Swiss at Omega get along with the Kiwis on the team? Rather well it seems. You can tell that ETNZ genuinely appreciates Omega's support and long-term dedication. Omega CEO speaks with pride and awe when discussing the achievements of the team's engineers as well as the scale of the ships and the hard work of the sailors.

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What types of information may an Aquaracer 72 watch display? The dial looks as though it is setup to display four pieces of information at once. Though it is possible that the dividers between the information areas can be further reconfigured. The pictured example of the Aquaracer 72 displays the true wind speed (TWS), true wind direction (TWD), boat speed (BS), and true wind angle (TWA)... more »

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Inspired by their classical models from the 1950's and named after a merciless series of tests, the Master Control was introduced in 1992. Despite the model's nostalgic heritage it represented an innovation in the area of watch chronometry. Wanting to go beyond the standards of the day, Jaeger-LeCoultre devised a six week series of tests called  “1000 Hours Control" aimed at achieving this. Only after passing these rigorous tests did the watch receive the signature of the master-inspector inside the watch case and a gold seal bearing the individual test number.

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Since the creation of their first totally in-house movement a few years ago, Swiss watch maker Armin Strom has been offering a unique variety of beautiful high-end sports watches with a surprising level of detailing and expert decoration. Here are two models in their Tourbillon Collection, which represent the higher-end of what is available. We have here the Tourbillon Racing as well as the Tourbillon Earth (ref. ST13-TE.90 from the Elements collection). There are also Tourbillon Fire and Air models each with their own distinct case materials and colors. Note that the Tourbillon Racing is part of a limited edition of, we think, two watches.

So what was I doing at Frederique Constant with a reader, taking valuable watchmaker space? Watch brands don't just invite people to occupy their production space to play around with watch making. It isn't something you can pay for, and even company employees and VIP collectors only get access to special outside workshops and classes. We however sat among the other watchmakers during business as normal trying to quickly learn the ins and outs of movement assembly. It was part of a giveaway we did back in December of 2012 where (among other things), I was to join a lucky reader in Geneva and make a timepiece at Frederique Constant. It was a rare treat and doing so was a novel experience for both myself, the reader, and the people at Frederique Constant.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Tudor
>Model: Pelagos
>Price: ,140
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Absolute tool watch lover who secretly loves the idea that a rather nondescript timepieces comes form the same place Rolexes do.
>Best characteristic of watch: Well-conceived and meticulously designed diver with almost no technical flaws that hearkens to what the original Submariner once aspired to be.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Not a showy watch for mainstream timepiece buyers looking for something to boast about. Or maybe that is its best part?

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Vintage Rolex watches exist in bounty, but can be marked by extremely high prices depending on their rarity. Also note that compared to today's average men's wrist watch size, vintage Rolex models tend to be quite small. In fact, today's average Rolex is of "moderate" size compared to other watches (though that fact is changing, as Rolex steadily releases larger watches). Having said that, owning a good quality vintage sport or dress Rolex model can be very rewarding in both style and "cool" factor. Having a vintage Rolex Submariner, for example, is not only often less expensive than a brand new model, but is certainly more hip. They also aren't so small as to appear like ladies watches much of the time.

Then, there is the location of the manufacture in Glashütte Germany, arguably the second most important place for fine watch-making after Switzerland. Indeed, this is a place that has something of a mystical air, coming as it has into prominence more recently. In fact, Nomos counts among its neighbours in the small town of Glashütte, other notable brands like A. Lange & Söhne and Glashütte Original.

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A major question though remains unanswered. Beyond the war on numbers, axes and overall complexity, just what is so peculiar about these Gyrotourbillons that makes them so extraordinary? To understand this, before all else, one should closely study the photographs in this article. From anything as accessible as mere aesthetics to as subtle as the way the driving force travels into and within the cages, the chances to find something that moves one’s mind are more than generous. At a second stage, the visual stimulations proven to be sufficiently attractive, they have taken the time to rethink the entire the mechanism and improve the level of execution and the overall outcome. It had clearly been a tremendous undertaking merely to find the way the Gyrotourbillon could possibly work. And, at one whole other level, to finally make it through a limited, yet sustainable production run. The apparent ease of the movement at work and the sheer beauty that the complexity and lightweight components create are, to me at least, the main elements responsible for the striking and arresting nature of this terrific timepiece.

There's just something appealing about the stark aesthetic espoused by the Bauhaus design ethos, and NOMOS is just one of those brands that embodies it well, to my way of thinking.  They've introduced several new models this year at Basel (see our writeup here on the new NOMOS 38 series), and I came across another one that surprised me a bit.