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Set in a 41mm wide 18k pink gold "Master" collection case, the watch nicely mixes classic Jaeger-LeCoultre aesthetic with the visual interest of a modern style skeletonized movement. Legibility is maintained through use of gold hands and hour markers that contrast with the gray other elements which are great. Jaeger-LeCoultre knows that people wearing the watch will be primarily interested in the time, and rely on the other information less. I do feel that the design of the dial is quite clever.

- Locking sections hand polished

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This auction may be one of the more rare opportunities to get some great deals, especially if you’re a fan of Omega, Tag-Heuer, or Omega. If you have perhaps 00 to spend and don’t expect to go home with a repeater or Patek, and definitely not a Patek repeater, you can leave this auction very happy indeed!

GRAHAM Chronofighter Oversize Diver Watch – Turbo Tech & Deep Black

GRAHAM Chronofighter Oversize Diver Watch – Turbo Tech & Deep Black

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In at least one award last year the Zenith Striking 10th was voted best watch of 2010. The cool character was on many people's minds as it was a highlight of a reinvented brand. The irony of course was that as Zenith reinvented themselves and asked everyone to forget its recent past, they also asked people to recall Zenith's slightly more distant past as the brand was to "rediscover its roots." I really liked the El Primero Striking 10th Chronograph watch - but never really understood the name. This year the Striking 1oth is back, and now wears a Stratos suit of armor.

Using the same case style as the brand's other watches, the Pole Guardian comes in a few color versions and separates itself with the dial design. What you see is one of the most clever AM/PM indicators I have ever seen. It might not be the most minimalistic, but it is the most fun. The way it works is simple once you understand it. Attached to the hour hands are three connected gears. They turn with the time and are located at 12, 6, and 9 o'clock. On them are two numbers representing the time in that hour marker location for the time before or after noon.

Initially available for the Brazilian market, this "Emme" watch is from new brand Dwiss. Silly names I know, but it is a potentially inexpensive way to get a mechanical watch that pretty well resembles what a lot of people like in an Hublot or Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

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Left dial: Retrograde Date and Bi-Hemisphere Moon Phase

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 85 HourTime Show

Over the last few years my interest and respect for Cartier has really grown. Sure, a lot of their timepieces are mass produced, but they have a penchant for good, lasting design. No doubt I am not a fan of all of their watches, but little escapes from their manufacture without being really good for at least some people. Good design - as I am learning more and more - is not easy. Designing something to look outstanding and really cool for 5 minutes is really not that hard. Executing a design that looks good each time you look at it, for years, isn't so easy. In this department, Cartier has succeeded for a long time. I find myself wondering what their secret is.

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Armida is a Hong Kong-based brand, using Fullswing for manufacturing, as do other brands such as the Helsons reviewed here.

In this episode I bring you a special interview with Simon Wolf of Wolf Designs. Mr. Wolf is charismatic individual who is in the business of watch winders. If you've ever been curious about the behind the scenes world of making machines to wind your automatic watches, this is the interview for you.

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Hublot announced today that they have partnered with Ferrari to become (among other things) their official watch maker and official time keeper. This means that during their agreement only Hublot can produce Ferrari branded timepieces. Hublot will also be a branded partner during Ferrari events (and likely the Ferrari name will be displayed at many Hublot events). They refer to this as a "comprehensive agreement covering all the activities of Ferrari and Hublot..." I know, a bit vague, but I think we get the idea.