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A Reader's Speedmaster Mark 4.5 in New Old Stock Condition

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Jack Shephard's Porsche Design Watch On Lost Watch Releases

The LeDIX phone itself is quite heavy at 245 grams. It feels solid and is made from mostly grade 5 titanium (with lots of nice polishing). It also has ebony inserts. There is also going to be a limited edition (of 28 phones) model that is in black PVD titanium with carbon fiber inserts. The phone has about 600 mechanical parts - 330 of which are part of the watch movement. The rest of them are for cool little flaps and hinges. The battery compartment has a type of ejection system for the battery, and most of the ports are covered and opened via little buttons or levers. Celsius didn't want there to be exposed plastic or alike on the phone. It is pretty cool to play with the little hatches and alike on the phone - none of them are ultra necessary, but neither is the phone itself. It goes with the uber-luxury gadget theme of this mobile phone.

Classic art IWC Replica Watches

This is the new limited edition Oris sub seconds diver made to help out the Great Barrier Reef. Each watch that is sold will have Oris donating 50 Swiss Francs (that's it?) to the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS). Didn't anyone tell Oris they don't use Swiss Francs in Australia! I joke! The money will go to help keep creatures in the Great Barrier Reef alive. Basically, there are a lot of serious issues with the reef and rather than help preserve certain areas, the project is going to relocate animals. A brave endeavor indeed. "Little fish! Sign these papers, you don't live here anymore." Now get out of here... we are gonna take you to a better place... Yea, a much better place (chuckle)."

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HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 29

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 29

Essex La Primera GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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The Magrette Kia Kaha is limited to just 25 pieces with a very reasonable price of ,550. These go quick, but there might be a few left. The secret sauce of the watch is that you can choose to share with people the "hidden" engraving. Everyone else will just see it the attractive exterior - leaving the engraved case, your little secret. See or order the Kia Kaha watch on Magrette's website here.

Erwin Sattler Thesaurus – Ultimate Watch Lover’s Desk

Erwin Sattler Thesaurus – Ultimate Watch Lover’s Desk

The Magrette case shape and dial design that are loosely based items from Panerai and Anonimo are still faring well. Magrette uses a highly domed sapphire crystal over the dial. While legibility is there, it does create some glare and distortion when viewed from angles. My advice to Magrette is to experiment with more AR (anti-reflective) applications in the future and crystals that may help to reduce glare. Though, I should add that when looking straight on at the watch, legibility does not suffer at all.

Calibre: 3135
Self-winding: Perpetual rotor
Date: instantaneous change and rapid setting
Oscillator: frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 beats/hour)
Parachrom hairspring with Breguet overcoil
Precision: COSC-certified chronometer
Power reserve: ~48 hours

Speedmaster GTG Düsseldorf Event Report

Bell & Ross Vintage Original And Officer Watches For 2010 Watch Releases

The 44mm wide steel case has that octagon bezel that looks like a bit like the classic Gerald Genta designs (AP Royal Oak, Patek Philippe Nautilus, etc... The dial design also reminds me of these classic designs as well. And so does the metal bracelet! The look is nice, without being weird. The Laureato watches sort of have that "grow on you" appeal if I anticipate this fact correctly. I particularly like the mixture of functions that this Sport Classique Laureato Evo 3 Large Date watch offers. Just a unique combo and layout for a sport watch. The in-house made Girard Perregaux automatic mechanical movement has the time, subsidiary seconds, big date, moon phase indicator, and a power reserve indicator. The layout is well balanced and the features are functional. It is an amazingly refined sport type watch that has sort of an Italian flair, even though it is a Swiss watch.

- 24 hours
- Minutes
- Small seconds
- 72-hour power reserve on a sector

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Bremont U-2 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Power reserve
40 hours

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Magrette Moana Pacific Diver Watch Review

Magrette Moana Pacific Diver Watch Review

Very First Omega Speedmaster CK2915 from 1957

Comparing the watch releases of SIHH 2010 and Baselworld 2010, I would have to say that for the most part I was more impressed with the releases at SIHH, and it was a significantly smaller show. Why that is I am not sure, but here is another one of the good things that I spotted. This isn't just another Panerai watch, but rather the PAM339 in a special ceramic case. While it doesn't surprise me to see Panerai going ceramic, it just sort of happened without notice.

Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

If you thought titanium was used a lot on watches, the A-10 has an armor cage around the cockpit and instruments that is 900 pounds of titanium. Titanium is also used as the case material for the HM4 Thunderbolt watch. One of the most complex cases ever made by MB&F, the case is made from a series of parts with a unique strap attachment mechanism and sapphire segments of the two "engine tubes." The case is 54mm wide by 52mm long, and 24mm high. The watch has over 300 tiny, polished, and loved parts - in the movement alone. Thunderbolt's case is comprised of another 65 parts. The design makes some very clever uses of alternative polished and brushed surfaces. It also takes MB&F's fascination with sapphire crystal to a new level. On the top and bottom of the case are sapphire crystal windows over the movement, and there are the very hard to machine previously mentioned sapphire sections around the conical tubes. There are 5 sapphire crystals on the case, and require about 100 hours of machining alone, per watch.

Speedmaster '57 And A Custom Made Strap

Kobold Soarway GMT Avantgarde Watch Watch Releases

See Bulgari watches on Amazon here.BVLGARI Diagono X-Pro Watch Watch Releases

BVLGARI Diagono X-Pro Watch Watch Releases
Pre Owned BVLGARI Diagono Scuba GMT SS Black Dial Mens Auto Watch SD38SGMT MR
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BVLGARI Diagono X-Pro Watch Watch Releases
Time Remaining: 16h 31m

Jean Dunand Palace Watch Watch Releases

Speedmaster CK2998-3 FAP (Fuerza Aerea del Peru) | Fratellowatches

TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Watches Review Wrist Time Reviews

If I could go back and add an additional watch to my Top 5 watches at Baselworld 2010, it would be this new collection from Bell & Ross. Last year, one of their hottest models was the BR01-92 Instrument Heritage (that I wrote about here). It had a new (old) type of vintage aircraft cockpit dial design and a tan leather strap that looked like it was made out of baseball glove leather. People loves the pieces, and it finalized Bell & Ross's trifecta of aircraft instrument themed watches (though there will be more I am sure). While not the subject of this article entirely, I have placed an image here of the new Bell & Ross BR03-92 Heritage watch that is in the smaller 42mm wide BR03 case, as opposed to the 46mm wide BR01 case. While the BR03 Heritage was technically announced last year, this is the first time I have seen it. One change for the BR03 Heritage is that the leather strap is free from the "branding" that the BR01 Heritage watch had.

Speake-Marin Marin 1 Watch Hands-On Watch Releases

Buzz Aldrin's Omega Speedmaster Professional

So the phone is heavy and high quality with an expensive watch movement. What about using it as a phone? It should suffice for that task. The unlocked device is a tri-band GSM phone developed with Sagem Wireless. The OS is pretty basic. Celsius sees the LeDIX as a companion or weekend phone. It is not supposed to replace your Blackberry. As such, they intend for the LeDIX to be used for calling, basic messaging, contacts, and the 3.2 megapixel auto-zoom with flash camera. Though the phone does have basic multi-media features such as a media player, and a web browser. The screen is a nice to look at 2.2 inch OLED. The phone is not a 3G device, and it really doesn't' need to be given what Celsius expects its owners to use it for. Battery life is about 3.5 hours of talk time.

Patton P42 Hyperbare Watch Watch Releases

Seiko Spring Drive SNR005 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

World of Watches: Where Brand Name Watches Become Discount Watches

MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch Revealed Watch Releases

Mechanical Swiss automatic movement (28,800 vibrations/hour).
Power reserve: 42 hours.
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date and time under water on the bezel.

When I visited the Porsche Design booth at Baselworld 2010 I was pretty amused to see the new P'6780 Diver watch cause it looked pretty familiar. In fact, just a few years ago Eterna released a watch that was almost identical, called the Eterna KonTiki Diver. I really loved about that piece and wrote about it here. Why was it that somehow the Eterna KonTiki Diver was now a simplified Porsche Design watch?