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Anyway, if I haven’t lost you after going over my entire exercise history, I want to talk about my new found love for yoga. Yes, I said love; which still freaks me out when I say it because I used to be the girl that laughed at people when said they loved running  (or any form of exercise.) Like “Excuse me, what? You’re a liar because exercising sucks. Don’t act like you love it. No one can love such a horrible thing.” But it’s true. I love yoga. And you can judge me for it; I don’t care. But I really recommend  it if you’re like me and dread exercising. I think I can handle it because it’s slow and really challenges your entire body, but you can still take it at your own pace. It’s also therapy for your heart, mind and soul – no joke. You come out of there feeling so great, there’s even a name for it: the yoga high. Another huge factor is that you’re focusing on your breath the entire time which is a form of meditation that makes you stay present and in the moment. You become so focused on the poses (a.k.a. asanas) and your breath, that you’re not thinking about anything else for the entire hour. Which is kind of an amazing feat these days. I can’t think of any other hour in my life where I’m not thinking about something in the past or worrying about something in the future and taking in what I’m doing in that moment entirely. It’s freeing to be so present and just taking time to do something for yourself and your body that you actually enjoy. This is the longest I’ve been able to keep up with an exercise program, I’m going on four months now and I have no plans of stopping. Oh and did I mention the last 15 minutes is spent in Savasana which is essentially adult nap time? Yeah, who doesn’t need more of that in their life?


Color Me Timeless
Swiss Legend Neptune

At World of Watches we have a deep commitment to extending enormous watch discounts to our loyal customers.  Indeed, there is always a great deal on discount brand name watches at World of Watches and now there’s even super savings on sunglasses and jewelry, too.

Swiss Made Rolex Replicas


Swiss-made quartz movement inside assures you of precise time-keeping accuracy. A locking screw-down crown and case back provide water-resistance to 200 meters or 660 feet. This Invicta chronograph comes in a white collectors’ carrying case.

This season the watch industry is expanding its appeal to women and Tag Heuer has their time set on a new market. Tag Heuer has targeted the Indian luxury market in anticipation that Indian women will be their core consumer and  bring their sales up 35% to continue their solid performance in 2012.  Tag Heuer better known for its line of men’s luxury sport watches, will be launching a new line of luxury women’s watches catering to the modern Indian woman. This line is said to be more design focused than technical to give that feminine appeal. For a more personal touch on demand services will also be available customers can engrave their time piece as well as find the dial in various colors.

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