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Which modern Speedmaster is closest to the original Moonwatch?

If you want to learn more about the whole watch passport that comes with the purchase, or the little watermarks and things on the watch that are hard to copy, go right ahead. It is all rather pointless to me to be honest. Who will want to copy this watch anyways? Ok, so you have a "personalized" watch, and you want to make sure no one copies it. It doesn't really look nice enough to copy in the first place. Next, the type of people that buy watches like this aren't going to get one off the street in China or on some knock off website. Like I have said before, the people who buy 0 fake watches are not the same people who could ever afford the real thing. So Vacheron Constantin isn't trying to protect a market. Maybe someone else can explain it to me, as this level of sophistication seems to be lost on me.

Inside BaselWorld San Francisco Dinner Afterthoughts: Weirdo Watch Afficianado Roundup Shows & Events Wearing a suit to the event, I assumed correctly how I am supposed to dress. To the left is a picture on their website of me staring in some aficionado's watch case. What I wasn't prepared for was being one of the only guys not "double wristing" it. A watch on each arm, that's right. Furthermore, the combined value of most of the watches on people's two wrists was worth more than my law school education. I wore just the Temption, nice and understated, but rare enough that no one knew was it was.

Tax Season Sale From Marcello C. Watches: 10-15% Off New Marcello C. Watches From The Source Sales & Auctions Funny enough, there was another Marcello C. watch sale I posted about recently. Just after mentioning how rare such sales are, another one pops up, and straight from the US distributor; In the month of April, you can get 10% off any single watch, and 15% off two or more watches! That is a good deal. This means that the high quality Marcello C. Nettuno 3 would only be about 0 with a 10% discount.

Early Bird Speedmaster Professional 105.012-63


My favorite model is the k10, as it is the most traditional diver of all the models I have seen, though it does not have a seconds hand. The red number indexes are charming, and nicely compliments the red trim on the case underneath the bezel. One thing I just don't get is the odd large branding of "k10" and "Sports Activity Watch." Why is this at all necessary? "Sports Activity Watch" is about the cheesiest thing a luxury watch company could place on the face of a watch that is easily ,000. All the watches are pricey, but you get a great watch and luxury toy to tote around. Overall my appreciation for these watches is high as a high-end watch that can be worn everyday for those who can afford it. Until then, I will appreciate them from afar.

Inside this model is an ETA 2824-2, and a Valjoux 7750 chronograph model is also to be released. The standard model will have an impressive water resistance of 1000m while the chronograph will enjoy a still respectable 200m water resistance rating. My guess on pricing is about 0 - $ 2,500 for the range. Look for the Hamilton Below Zero Diver soon. If the latest round of Hamilton watches are a sign of what to expect in the future, then Swatch is certainly leveraging this brand well.

Omega Speedmaster Rattrapante 3540.50

Trendy Ocean7 G-2 Diver Chronograph Watch With Carbon Fiber Face Available Watch Releases I've got to hand it to Ocean7 for doing it right. What right you ask? Well starting a watch company and successfully selling watches online. While selling online directly to the consumer while taking fan feedback into consideration is not a novel concept, it is in the watch world, and that is exactly what Ocean7 Watch Company has done. They took bold, American designs, polished them with fan feedback, used Swiss movements, and then sold them directly to the public online. No middlemen, no complex distribution, mostly organic marketing. That is future of the niche and boutique watch industry, and thankfully, Ocean7 is not alone in pursuing this direction.

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Watch Alert: Rare Temption CGK203 With Valjoux 7751 Available

Watch Alert: Rare Temption CGK203 With Valjoux 7751 Available

High Quality Breitling Bentley Replica

This new offering certainly honours Certina's proud 120 year history of creating fine swiss timepieces and continues to strengthen their ties with motorsport.

My Gift Giving Theory: Not What They Want, But What You Want Them To Have Watch Buying The gift giving season is upon us, and at least for myself, the biggest issue is always, "what should I get ____?!" Of course, the commercialized nature of the season imbibes us with the notion that our paramount motivation for the next few monthsis ardently selecting those gifts that, "they will remember/will mean something to them/will make them think fondly of me forever." Often times this task requires far more dedication and thought than is possible for busy people such as ourselves.

Ball Watch Engineer Master II Diver GMT; Faithful Diving Watch Utilizes Impressive Technology Watch Releases
Ball Watch Company is quickly becoming a perennial favorite of mine for their utilitarian designs and reasonable prices. Ball watches exhibit frequent feats of useful technology or features, but the Engineer Master II Diver GMT really hits a home run. It will be formally unveiled at Basel World 2008, but the key aspects to its anticipated success are its high legibility, use of tritium gas tubes, and DLC (Diamond-like coating) covered case.

Speedmaster Lunar Dust 311.

Currently, there is a fine example of a Limes Endurance Rallye Chronograph available on eBay. Certainly worth an addition to a collection, as this watch is appealing, and easily works as an everyday watch. The one for auction comes with the steel bracelet, but this watch would also look great by placing a perforated leather strap, or one with contrast stitching.

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Patek Philippe Wants To Like You; Finds It So Difficult

Patek Philippe Wants To Like You; Finds It So Difficult

I recently learned that Citizen has added several new GMT models to their Attesa line of high-end quartz watches. I was particularly struck by the unique, stark, and tough look of the Attesa ATD53-2903. Of course, as is typical of most of the coolest Japanese watches, it's only available in Asia, but since watches know no borders, I was still able to find plenty of information...

Very First Omega Speedmaster CK2915 from 1957


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Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Watch Is Japan's Rolex GMT Master Watch Releases
Seiko Mens Prospex Kinetic GMT Black Leather Strap Watch 46mm SUN057 Black
Time Remaining: 1h 9m

Star Wars lore seems to indicate that some who are strong in the force can see into the future to an extent. Does this mean they inherently know what time it is? Darth Vader does not wear a watch, though his suit might tell him what time it is. This very cool Darth Vader costume is on sale right now on (pictured, click to go to product page). The costume is not cheap as far as Halloween costumes go, but it is high quality, and suitable for many occasions whether you are scaring little kids or participating in a fan event. You get the cape, jump suit, helmet, and rugged injection molded armor pieces. All I think you need to provide are black shoes and a light saber. After seeing this costume, I thought to myself, what watches would go well with this outfit?

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So why am I lukewarm about this watch? Well it just doesn't do the Jorg Hysek legacy justice. Most of the watch looks good, just not the new parts. The X-Ray has been around for a while, but the integration of the perpetual calendar looks rushed, not though out well. The beauty of these watches was the multitude of lines but the lack of clutter. The semi-skeleton look along with all the information for the subdials gives me a headache to look at. I would not want to wear this watch often. There is nothing clever, or unique about it either. The rest of the watch looks great. Fascinating clasp design, attractive lines, and then the face just seems to fall apart in my opinion.

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The Swatch Irony Body and Soul on

The Swatch Irony Body and Soul on

Please Help Us To Find This Stolen Speedmaster (Stolen in Berlin)

See Hysek watches on Amazon here.Hysek Earth Colosso Is A Weird Wonderful Watch Completely Out Of Place In Today's Market Watch Releases

Hysek Earth Colosso Is A Weird Wonderful Watch Completely Out Of Place In Today's Market Watch Releases
Jorg Hysek V king
Time Remaining: 3h 42m
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Hysek Earth Colosso Is A Weird Wonderful Watch Completely Out Of Place In Today's Market Watch Releases
Jorg Hysek Black Palladium Dipping Fountain Pen with Case Jac Zagoory Stand
Time Remaining: 1d 5h 22m
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Hysek Earth Colosso Is A Weird Wonderful Watch Completely Out Of Place In Today's Market Watch Releases
Hysek IO Jumping Hour Mens 47mm Automatic Black Calfskin Watch IO4705b02
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Hysek Earth Colosso Is A Weird Wonderful Watch Completely Out Of Place In Today's Market Watch Releases
Jorg Hysek Auto Date For Man Unisex Size 37 mm Silver color dial
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Hysek Earth Colosso Is A Weird Wonderful Watch Completely Out Of Place In Today's Market Watch Releases
Jorg Hysek Auartz Date For Lady Size 24x42 mm
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Hysek Earth Colosso Is A Weird Wonderful Watch Completely Out Of Place In Today's Market Watch Releases
JORG HYSEK Auto Date Diamond Man Size 27x47 mm Black color dial
Time Remaining: 1d 16h 9m
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Here is what you do, if you aren't endowed with the negotiating tongue. Ask them what the price for the watch is today. Most places will tell you a price based on the tag, or break out the calculator. Ignore what they are saying. Take the first price they give you and take 25% off. Say "you will still get a commission on this, and you know I can get as good a deal if not better online." If that does not work. Say, I have cash, and will buy this right now at the price (for this you ought to have the cash, which is important because it means they don't have to pay credit card processing fees and can report the sale at a lower price to avoid taxes). If that does not work, simply proceed to leave.

There is often a misconception that content online is either free or up for grabs. Most of us are well skilled in the art of copying and pasting, and we take its functionality for granted. Often times taking other people's content, we seldom stop to think of the implications. Granted, this is not my personal opinion of the appropriateness of such conduct, more an attempt to enlighten those who are not aware of their actions.

Cosmonaut's Anatoly Artsebarsky's 'Flown' Speedmaster Pro Hammered At CHF 47,000 Swiss Francs

Prices are reasonable at 375 (three hands) or 925 (Chronograph) Euros for the watches. You can do the calculation to US dollars yourself. Spare me the humiliation of our weak dollar. Regardless, the values are good considering the IWC or Glashutte versions are upwards of ,000. Check out the Archimede Black Pilot PVD, and other models where you can.

The first thing you need to make sure of is that your watch has a universal connector. This means two lugs with a screw or pin holes in the lugs, between which you can connect bracelet or straps. The best way to look at this is to turn the watch upside down and inspect the connection. Some watches with bracelets have a cosmetic clasp-shaped piece which is intended to make a metal bracelet appear as though it is part of the watch case. This usually can be switched from bracelet to bracelet. It is further not always necessary to use this clasp-looking piece if you do not like it, or if it does not fit with your new bracelet.

Finding these watches is rare, as is the case with many "interesting" watches. Luckily for me if I ever am lucky enough to have the the means to purchase one, the watches exclusive dealer is located about 35 minutes from me in Redwood City, CA. I had a chance to meet some of the sales people at Jackson Square Fine Jewels who were very nice and just as watch dedicated as myself. I recommend visiting them if you are in the area ever.