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Omega Speedmaster Ultraman Ref.145.012-67

IWC-Swiss Replica Watches 2015 Boutique Collection


DeWitt Academia Grand Tourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

On wrist, especially on the available steel bracelet, the Alpina Alpiner 4 Flyback Chronograph feels big and rather tough, just as you'd expect from a 44mm sports chronograph. The case is quite thick, which is common for modular chronographs (similar to the Tudor Heritage Chronograph). While on the thicker side, the case is very nicely finished with brushed elements along the front face and a polished bezel and edges that reach to the lug ends.

A watch designer's job is to create a relationship between the wearer and their watch. The new Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table II watch does this is a clever way. By decorating the dial with a culturally significant diorama, the wearer is not only comfortable with an image they have seen many times before, but they are also susceptible to its potential as an emotional trigger. With a single glance, a whole gamut of feeling can be released: Pride, passion, patriotism, for example. The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table II picks up where the first Round Table watch left off, moving the design brief in a new direction and elevating the craftsmanship to a new level.

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MB&F’s Legacy Machine series represents the company’s interpretation of classic watchmaking. And last year, MB&F introduced the “baby” of their Legacy Machine series, the LM101. The LM101, like all of MB&F’s other pieces, is instantly recognizable thanks to its unusual dial layout and bold design, and to update the model, MB&F has just released the new LM101 Frost. Why “Frost” you may ask, well that has to do with the special finish on the dial that these watches have. For a closer look at this special finish, hit the link below.

First let me share some information from Olio on how they explain the key features and areas of differentiation of the Olio Model 1 and their software:

It was back in 2009 when Swarovski began to produce self-branded wrist watches, and today, I think they have some of the most unique affordably-priced women's watches available. Here, we look at three Swarovski watches: the Swarovski Octea Sport, Swarovski Piazza Mesh, and the Swarovski Lovely Crystals. At this very moment, there are actually 87 distinct women's watches for sale on the Swarovski website (and 17 for men). So let's have a look at what you might also feel are rather fun women's watches that won't break the bank.

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